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Breathing Life Into New Mexico

Ethel Rose Maharg is running for Governor to breathe life into New Mexico. Ethel is pro-life, without exception, from conception to natural death. And, she wears it like a badge of honor, it is who she is. Ethel believes in LIFE.

Ethel believes that to breathe LIFE into New Mexico we must capitalize on our strengths. No one wants to bring a new business with good jobs to a state where politicians and elected officials complain about being at the top of the bad lists.

It’s time for bold leadership. Bold leadership that is willing to make the right decision, not the popular or political decision. Bold leadership that understands the challenges everyday New Mexicans face. Bold leadership that will fight everyday for New Mexico. Bold leadership that will breathe LIFE into New Mexico.

Ethel understands she cannot do it alone, and is asking that you join her in bringing the vision and bold leadership we need in the Governors office to make New Mexico an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

About Ethel

Ethel Rose Maharg was born in Cuba, New Mexico. Her mother’s side of the family has been in New Mexico since Coronado’s conquest. Her grandmother, Isabella Cordova, married a German Immigrant, Aron Eichwald. Ethel’s family has a long history in the politics of New Mexico.

Ethel’s uncle, Alex Eichwald, wrote a book, “Don Agustin 1862-1927 An Immigrant, A Merchant, and a Rancher.” In the book Ethel’s uncle explains her grandfather, Aron Augustine Eichwald’s, history as a Republican in Cuba. Her grandfather served as a state Senator and Sandoval County Commissioner.